Can I Still Get A Direct Payday Loan

A lot has changed in Ohio over the past couple of years regarding payday loan restrictions. A few years ago, we saw the State’s Fairness in Lending Act overhaul most aspects of the payday loan industry. Even though there are new limits on loan durations and fees that doesn’t mean the law has wholly eliminated payday loan companies in Ohio. We’ve seen many direct lenders in the state are still offering payday loans, and they can abide by these new restrictions. So yes, it’s still possible to qualify with a direct lender for a payday loan in Ohio, but there are new restrictions and changes to understand before you contact a service in our list of lenders.


What are the new direct payday loan restrictions in Ohio

The Fairness in Lending Act was signed into law in 2018 to regulate the payday loan industry. These regulations have led to longer loan durations(borrowers have at least 3 months to repay a payday loan) and lower interest rates (lender interest rates are capped at 28% plus an appropriate maintenance fee). The new restrictions for Ohio payday loans are good on paper. We’ve seen many out-of-state, and offshore payday loan companies exit the industry as the new rates and fees simply don’t work for them. Another new provision of this law changes how your payments are distributed to the lender. It used to be that much of your early costs were front-loaded with interest rates and other fees, which made it difficult to pay off the principal debt amount. A direct lender must set up the payments, so they’re equally distributed with interest and principal. That way, you don’t find yourself in a hole from the onset and can pay back the payday loan at your own pace.


Who Are Some Of The New Payday Direct Lenders

The new laws and restrictions have made it more challenging to get a payday loan in Ohio. There’s no dancing around that fact as we can name dozens of payday loan companies that no longer offer online loans in the advance and payday lending changes in 2021 That’s not even counting the companies that have closed their retail payday lending locations near you as they simply weren’t profitable. It’s great that most personal loan lenders are on a level playing field within Ohio. But these new loan limits and caps on fees have led to a situation where it can be hard to find a lender that wants to work with you.

It may be that online payday loan companies will spend more time underwriting your application. Whereas it used to be they could make up for a bad credit score with higher interest rates, they now have to focus on only approving the applicants who they know will repay the loan. There’s also a lack of neighborhood or retail payday lenders near you. So many of these companies have closed up shop and you may be stuck with an online company that offers online payday loans Ohio. We can think of scenarios where you may get approved with a bank or small finance company for a low-interest loan, but those options will be limited.


Direct Lending changes to expect in Ohio for 2022

Simply put, Yes, you can still be approved for an Ohio payday loan or installment loan in 2023. We list a handful of companies in our directory still offering loans. But it’s absolutely more difficult to be approved for a loan because lenders will put more emphasis on your credit and employment history. Also, your loan options are limited because many lenders have stopped offering loans in Ohio. If you have decent to good credit, it may be better to consider an installment loan instead of a payday loan, as you will have more funding options.