Info On How To Find Ohio Payday Loans Online

There have been many changes to the Ohio short term lending industry over the past year.  This means there are now fewer online finance companies offering loans to applicants in Ohio.  It doesn’t matter if you live in Columbus or Cleveland. As long as you live in Ohio you’re going to have the same access to online lenders. The number of online lenders in Ohio isn’t what it used to be. There are still a good amount of reputable payday lenders ready and willing to loan money in Ohio.  Now that you know you can still get a direct payday loan in Ohio it’s important that you find a company that’s actually a direct lender!  You’d think this would be done with a Google search but that isn’t the case.  Usually you’ll only end up coming across websites hosted by companies that aren’t even direct lenders.  These companies are in fact payday loan matching services.  They’ll never off you a direct payday loan or direct installment loan.  All that they do is take your personal information and try to sell it to the highest bidder.  This creates major privacy and security issues for the person filling out the application.  Worst case scenario your identity will be stolen and you’ll lose money. In all likelihood you’ll end up wasting your time looking for a company that can help you apply for online Ohio payday cash payday loans in Ohio

To help consumers find Ohio payday loans online we’ve found a better solution.  At Payday Loans Ohio our goal is to identify and list all the large direct lenders that currently offer direct loans to consumers in Ohio.  As mentioned above, these lenders will fund cash advances in Columbus Ohio or Cleveland Ohio, any city in Ohio for that matter. In simple terms, we host a listing of payday lenders and direct installment lenders who are looking to lend you money if you live in Ohio.  We’re not a direct payday lender or matching service.   All that we do is breakdown the pros and cons of all the lenders in cities like Columbus, Cleveland and Dayton, while providing a link to their site.  One thing to keep in mind, online payday loans in Ohio and installment loans are not for everyone.  They should only be in an emergency situation if you have no other sources of getting a short term loan. The interest rates and fees on most online loans for Ohioans are going to be high. Search for the different rates that come into play at the Findlaw website for Ohio interest rates.  If you feel a payday loan is your best course of action you’ll need to do all you can to payback the loan in full by the date it’s due!  Payday loans Ohio are a great option for the right person in the right scenario. Do your research to determine if you are that person who needs Ohio payday loans! If you don’t payback your direct payday loan in full by the due date you have a real chance of getting stuck in a never-ending payday loan cycle.  

Familiarize yourself with different Ohio payday loan companies

Unsure of how much you need to borrow or even what the laws are about Ohio payday loans online?  We plan on updating our site over the next few months with update payday loan resources.  These include a payday loan calculator as well as breakdowns of that the current laws are that regulate short term agreements.  Keep checking back with our site as these changes should be completed shortly.  Check with the Ohio state government website to find what the latest restrictions are on payday loans Ohio.  Most companies will observe the following restrictions on Ohio payday loans: a limit of $500 per loan with a max loan duration of 31 days. Some individual cities have restrictions in place on retail locations that regulate companies who provide payday loans. We don’t know of any restrictions in large Ohio cities such as Columbus or Cleveland. You should still check with your city before you move forward with a payday loan.
If you live in Columbus Ohio, you can check out our updated post about how to best find a payday loan in Columbus! As we try to mention as many times as possible, review our payday loans Ohio when looking to apply for a loan. With this directory of online loans in Ohio, you can make a calculated choice on what is going to be the best loan for your situation. In addition to listing interest rates and payoff terms, we also break down the lenders history of payday loans online Ohio. Another feature we plan on rolling out is mapping service for payday loans Ohio. This feature will show you which area of the state that Ohio lender has a retail branch in.